Who is Prof. Jim Bucket?

Who the heck is Professor Jim Bucket?


A few facts about me:

  • I began teaching in 1981.
  • With degrees in English, philosophy, and education, I have been a classroom teacher of biology, history, photography, and various aspects of English (from college writing to literature to ESL). I have also tutored middle school math and general science.
  • I have been a principal and a headmaster in elementary schools; a teacher in a junior high and high school; and a professor in a college. I have also taught adults (mostly business people) and even Buddhist monks!
  • After working many years in the United States, I have lived primarily in Asia since 1997, including five years in Japan and over 11 years in China. I am now resident in the Philippines.
With college students in the Philippines

With college students in China

Come learn with me!

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